Development Environment Setup

Linux, MacOS & Windows

  1. Install Rust and Cargo with rustup.
    • Use the stable toolchain (it's the default).
  2. Install build dependencies using your package manager.
    • clang, protobuf, libssl-dev, cmake
  3. Clone the repository.
  4. Run $ make to build Lighthouse.
  5. Run $ make test to run the test suite
    • If you experience any failures, please reach out on discord.
    • Developers use $ make test-full to ensure you have the full set of test vectors.
  • The beacon_node, validator_client and other binaries are created in target/release directory.
  • First-time compilation may take several minutes.


Perl may also be required to build Lighthouse. You can install Strawberry Perl, or alternatively if you're using the Chocolatey package manager for Windows, use the following choco install command: choco install strawberryperl.

Additionally, the dependency protoc-grpcio v0.3.1 is reported to have issues compiling in Windows. You can specify a known working version by editing version in protos/Cargo.toml section to protoc-grpcio = "<=0.3.0".