Custom Data Directories

Users can override the default Lighthouse data directories (e.g., ~/.lighthouse/mainnet) using the --datadir flag. The custom data directory mirrors the structure of any network specific default directory (e.g. ~/.lighthouse/mainnet).

Note: Users should specify different custom directories for different networks.

Below is an example flow for importing validator keys, running a beacon node and validator client using a custom data directory /var/lib/my-custom-dir for the Mainnet network.

lighthouse --network mainnet --datadir /var/lib/my-custom-dir account validator import --directory <PATH-TO-LAUNCHPAD-KEYS-DIRECTORY>
lighthouse --network mainnet --datadir /var/lib/my-custom-dir bn --staking
lighthouse --network mainnet --datadir /var/lib/my-custom-dir vc

The first step creates a validators directory under /var/lib/my-custom-dir which contains the imported keys and validator_definitions.yml. After that, we simply run the beacon chain and validator client with the custom dir path.