From time-to-time, Lighthouse pre-releases will be published on the sigp/lighthouse repository. These releases have passed the usual automated testing, however the developers would like to see it running "in the wild" in a variety of configurations before declaring it an official, stable release. Pre-releases are also used by developers to get feedback from users regarding the ergonomics of new features or changes.

Github will clearly show such releases as a "Pre-release" and they will not show up on sigp/lighthouse/releases/latest. However, pre-releases will show up on the sigp/lighthouse/releases page, so please pay attention to avoid the pre-releases when you're looking for stable Lighthouse.


v1.4.0-rc.0 has rc (release candidate) in the version string and is therefore a pre-release. This release is not stable and is not intended for critical tasks on mainnet (e.g., staking).

However, v1.4.0 is considered stable since it is not marked as a pre-release and does not contain rc in the version string. This release is intended for use on mainnet.

When to use a pre-release

Users may wish to try a pre-release for the following reasons:

  • To preview new features before they are officially released.
  • To help detect bugs and regressions before they reach production.
  • To provide feedback on annoyances before they make it into a release and become harder to change or revert.

When not to use a pre-release

It is not recommended to use pre-releases for any critical tasks on mainnet (e.g., staking). To test critical features, try one of the testnets (e.g., Prater).