Validator Client API

Lighthouse implements a HTTP/JSON API for the validator client. Since there is no Eth2 standard validator client API, Lighthouse has defined its own.

A full list of endpoints can be found in Endpoints.

Note: All requests to the HTTP server must supply an Authorization header. All responses contain a Signature header for optional verification.

Starting the server

A Lighthouse validator client can be configured to expose a HTTP server by supplying the --http flag. The default listen address is

The following CLI flags control the HTTP server:

  • --http: enable the HTTP server (required even if the following flags are provided).
  • --http-port: specify the listen port of the server.
  • --http-allow-origin: specify the value of the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header. The default is to not supply a header.


The validator client HTTP is not encrypted (i.e., it is not HTTPS). For this reason, it will only listen on

It is unsafe to expose the validator client to the public Internet without additional transport layer security (e.g., HTTPS via nginx, SSH tunnels, etc.).

CLI Example

Start the validator client with the HTTP server listening on http://localhost:5062:

lighthouse vc --http