Become a Validator: Using Docker

Sigma Prime maintains the sigp/lighthouse-docker repository which provides an easy way to run Lighthouse without building the Lighthouse binary yourself.

Note: when you're running the Docker Hub image you're relying upon a pre-built binary instead of building from source. If you want the highest assurance you're running the real Lighthouse, build the docker image yourself instead. You'll need some experience with docker-compose to integrate your locally built docker image with the docker-compose environment.

1. Clone the repository

Once you have docker-compose installed, clone the sigp/lighthouse-docker repository.

$ git clone
$ cd lighthouse-docker

2. Configure the docker environment

Then, create a file named .env with the following contents (these values are documented here):


This .env file should live in the lighthouse-docker directory alongside the docker-compose.yml file.

3. Start Lighthouse

Start the docker-compose environment (you may need to use sudo):

$ docker-compose up

Watch the output of this command for the Saved new validator to disk log, as the voting_pubkey is the primary identifier for your new validator. This is useful for finding your validator in block explorers. Here's an example of the log:

validator_client_1  |  Jan 10 12:06:05.632 INFO Saved new validator to disk             voting_pubkey: 0x8fc28504448783b10b0a7f5a321505b07ad2ad8d6a8430b8868a0fcdedee43766bee725855506626085776e020dfa472

Note: the docker-compose setup includes a fast-synced geth node. You can expect the beacon_node to log some eth1-related errors whilst the geth node boots and becomes synced. This will only happen on the first start of the compose environment or if geth loses sync.

Installation complete!

In the next step you'll need to locate your eth1_deposit_data.rlp file from your .lighthouse/validators directory.

The ./lighthouse directory is in the root of the lighthouse-docker repository. For example, if you ran Step 1 in /home/karlm/ then you can find your validator directory in /home/karlm/lighthouse-docker/.lighthouse/validators/.

You can now go to Become a Validator: Step 2.