Become an Ethereum 2.0 Validator

There are two public testnets currently available. Medalla and Altona. Lighthouse supports both out of the box and joining these multi-client testnets is easy if you're familiar with the terminal.

Lighthouse runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows and has a Docker work-flow to make things as simple as possible.

0. Acquire Goerli ETH

Before you install Lighthouse, you'll need Metamask and 32 gETH (Goerli ETH). We recommend the faucet for those familiar with Goerli, or for an overview of the testnet.

If this is your first time using Metamask and/or interacting with an Ethereum test network, we recommend going through the beginning of this guide first (up to the Signing your first transaction with MetaMask section).

1. Install and start Lighthouse

There are two, different ways to install and start a Lighthouse validator:

  1. Using docker-compose: this is the easiest method.

  2. Building from source: this is a little more involved, however it gives a more hands-on experience.

Once you've completed either one of these steps, you can move onto the next step.

Take note when running Lighthouse. Use the --testnet parameter to specify the testnet you whish to participate in. Medalla is currently the default, so make sure to use --testnet altona to join the Altona testnet.

2. Submit your deposit to Goerli

This deposit is made using gETH (Goerli ETH) which has no real value. Please don't ever send real ETH to our deposit contract!

3. Leave Lighthouse running

Leave your beacon node and validator client running and you'll see logs as the beacon node stays synced with the network while the validator client produces blocks and attestations.

It will take 4-8+ hours for the beacon chain to process and activate your validator, however you'll know you're active when the validator client starts successfully publishing attestations each slot:

Dec 03 08:49:40.053 INFO Successfully published attestation      slot: 98, committee_index: 0, head_block: 0xa208…7fd5,

Although you'll produce an attestation each slot, it's less common to produce a block. Watch for the block production logs too:

Dec 03 08:49:36.225 INFO Successfully published block            slot: 98, attestations: 2, deposits: 0, service: block

If you see any ERRO (error) logs, please reach out on Discord or create an issue.

Don't forget to checkout the open-source block explorer for the Lighthouse testnet at

Happy staking!