A Lighthouse beacon node can be configured to expose a HTTP server by supplying the --http flag. The default listen address is localhost:5052.

The following CLI flags control the HTTP server:

  • --http: enable the HTTP server (required even if the following flags are provided).
  • --http-port: specify the listen port of the server.
  • --http-address: specify the listen address of the server.

The API is logically divided into several core endpoints, each documented in detail:

/nodeGeneral information about the beacon node.
/beaconGeneral information about the beacon chain.
/validatorProvides functionality to validator clients.
/consensusProof-of-stake voting statistics.
/networkInformation about the p2p network.
/specInformation about the specs that the client is running.
/advancedProvides endpoints for advanced inspection of Lighthouse specific objects.
/lighthouseProvides lighthouse specific endpoints.

Please note: The OpenAPI format at SwaggerHub: Lighthouse REST API has been deprecated. This documentation is now the source of truth for the REST API.


HTTP API is unavailable or refusing connections

Ensure the --http flag has been supplied at the CLI.

You can quickly check that the HTTP endpoint is up using curl:

curl "localhost:5052/beacon/head"