Pre-built Binaries

Each Lighthouse release contains several downloadable binaries in the "Assets" section of the release. You can find the releases on Github.

Note: binaries are not yet provided for MacOS or Windows native.


Binaries are supplied for two platforms:

  • x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu: AMD/Intel 64-bit processors (most desktops, laptops, servers)
  • aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu: 64-bit ARM processors (Raspberry Pi 4)

Additionally there is also a -portable suffix which indicates if the portable feature is used:

  • Without portable: uses modern CPU instructions to provide the fastest signature verification times (may cause Illegal instruction error on older CPUs)
  • With portable: approx. 20% slower, but should work on all modern 64-bit processors.


Each binary is contained in a .tar.gz archive. For this example, lets assume the user needs a portable x86_64 binary.

Whilst this example uses v0.2.13 we recommend always using the latest release.


  1. Go to the Releases page and select the latest release.
  2. Download the lighthouse-${VERSION}-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu-portable.tar.gz binary.
  3. Extract the archive:
    1. cd Downloads
    2. tar -xvf lighthouse-${VERSION}-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz
  4. Test the binary with ./lighthouse --version (it should print the version).
  5. (Optional) Move the lighthouse binary to a location in your PATH, so the lighthouse command can be called from anywhere.
    • E.g., cp lighthouse /usr/bin


If you get a SIGILL (exit code 132), then your CPU is incompatible with the optimized build of Lighthouse and you should switch to the -portable build. In this case, you will see a warning like this on start-up:

WARN CPU seems incompatible with optimized Lighthouse build, advice: If you get a SIGILL, please try Lighthouse portable build

On some VPS providers, the virtualization can make it appear as if CPU features are not available, even when they are. In this case you might see the warning above, but so long as the client continues to function it's nothing to worry about.