Create a wallet

Note: we recommend using the Eth2 launchpad to create validators.

A wallet allows for generating practically unlimited validators from an easy-to-remember 24-word string (a mnemonic). As long as that mnemonic is backed up, all validator keys can be trivially re-generated.

The 24-word string is randomly generated during wallet creation and printed out to the terminal. It's important to make one or more backups of the mnemonic to ensure your ETH is not lost in the case of data loss. It very important to keep your mnemonic private as it represents the ultimate control of your ETH.

Whilst the wallet stores the mnemonic, it does not store it in plain-text: the mnemonic is encrypted with a password. It is the responsibility of the user to define a strong password. The password is only required for interacting with the wallet, it is not required for recovering keys from a mnemonic.


To create a wallet, use the lighthouse account wallet command:

lighthouse account wallet create --help

Creates a new HD (hierarchical-deterministic) EIP-2386 wallet.

    lighthouse account_manager wallet create [OPTIONS] --name <WALLET_NAME> --password-file <WALLET_PASSWORD_PATH>

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -d, --datadir <DIR>                             Data directory for lighthouse keys and databases.
        --mnemonic-output-path <MNEMONIC_PATH>
            If present, the mnemonic will be saved to this file. DO NOT SHARE THE MNEMONIC.

        --name <WALLET_NAME>
            The wallet will be created with this name. It is not allowed to create two wallets with the same name for
            the same --base-dir.
        --password-file <WALLET_PASSWORD_PATH>
            A path to a file containing the password which will unlock the wallet. If the file does not exist, a random
            password will be generated and saved at that path. To avoid confusion, if the file does not already exist it
            must include a '.pass' suffix.
    -t, --testnet-dir <DIR>
            Path to directory containing eth2_testnet specs. Defaults to a hard-coded Lighthouse testnet. Only effective
            if there is no existing database.
        --type <WALLET_TYPE>
            The type of wallet to create. Only HD (hierarchical-deterministic) wallets are supported presently..
            [default: hd]  [possible values: hd]


Creates a new wallet named wally and saves it in ~/.lighthouse/pyrmont/wallets with a randomly generated password saved to ./wallet.pass:

lighthouse --network pyrmont account wallet create --name wally --password-file wally.pass


  • The password is not wally.pass, it is the contents of the wally.pass file.
  • If wally.pass already exists the wallet password will be set to contents of that file.